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Reflective window films


Reflective Silver and Bronze Tint

If you are looking for the right tint at the right price for your commercial building, or residential property, these reflective window films are highly efficient at blocking the total solar heat and energy, at a very low cost!

These reflective or mirrored tints are aluminum in construction and come in a Smoke and Bronze color.

Reflective window film for energy conservation

These reflective windowe films offer excellent solar performance, including heat and UV rejection, up to 80%.
Superior glare reduction for easier viewing of computer screens and overall interior comfort.

Reflective Silver Tint

Silver RS Series is a product line of highly reflective window films that provide both quality and value.  

These products are a leading choice for commercial applications where cost is a large consideration.  

Other features and benefits include:

Excellent solar performance, including heat and UV rejection, up to 80%
Superior glare reduction
A “silver” or “mirrored” appearance on the exterior and soft smoke look from inside
An exclusive, vapor-coated Aluminum construction
High reflectivity on on the exterior for privacy
Available for internal and external installations 
Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Reflective Bronze Tint

The right look is extremely important when choosing any window film.  

Arizona Sunbusters Bronze line-up not only delivers exceptional solar protection, but its warm, copper design can enhance and complement a commercial building or home.

Reflective Bronze's sputtered metallized construction provides up to 78% heat protection, thus balancing and controlling bothersome hot spots inside an office. 

Plus, SB films are designed to never fade and will block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that cause interior fading to furniture, wood floors and rugs.

Depending on the specific need, there are several Bronze films to choose from. 

For building owners who don't necessarily want a strong window film look, SB35 provides just that subtle aesthetic touch. 

While SB20 film delivers a stronger bronze tone that matches up well with today's commercial building exteriors and residential homes.

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