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Ceramic window tint

Ceramic tinting

Arizona Sunbusters ceramic window film can be a great Product for people who want to add to the overall quality of their home. Ceramic window film can actually block out over 80% of the radiation entering your house through your existing windows. 

This ceramic window film will block the sun throughout the day, including UV rays and InfraRed light as well. Most people will appreciate how light and natural the light filters in to your home by using this kind of window film.

Ceramic window tints come in a few different darknesses.  But all are considered "light" in comparison to most other films on the market.   The unique and high tech design and manufacture of this product makes it very effective. 

The film is constructed using nano technology meaning that the molecules making up the film are so small that they can effectively filter out harmful rays from the sun and still allow great visibility. 

  • Nano-ceramic technology that combines excellent heat rejection along with amazing clarity.

  • Rejects up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows.

  • Lightly tinted, which gives modest glare reduction with minimal change to the appearance of the windows on your home.

  • Ceramic tints effectively filter the sun reducing the temperature, while creating a comfortable interior environment.

  • Effective blocking of IR and  UV light rays, recommended by skin care professionals for maximum reduction of skin damage.

  • Safety in explosion, or high winds or other natural disaster by keeping glass from flying and becoming a hazard. 

Ceramic window tint Phoenix

Ceramic window tint Phoenix

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